Security Services

At SIR Investigations we will provide an ongoing process of investigating in an effort to discover, correct, and prevent security problems. We will continue to analyze potential dangers to individuals, businesses, and property that may be posed by potential natural and human-caused adverse events. Our goal will be a continual process of discovering, correcting, and preventing security problems.

Security Services

Personal Protection

SIR Investigations offers personal protection against:

  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Destruction of Personal Property
  • Provides Personal "Body Guard"

Domestic Violence

We can provide staff for personal protection against Domestic Violence. We will work closely with all law enforcement agencies in an attempt to prevent future Violence from reoccurring. We can assist in locating:

  • Family members
  • Close friends
  • Shelters for Victims
  • Assist in removing personal items during the transition to a protective shelter
  • Assist employers at the workplace with victims involved in Domestic Violence

Armed Security Services

We can provide security personnel for special events that may require armed security. These events may be for:

  • Concerts
  • Retail and Public conventions
  • Events involving large sums of money
  • Provide escort and security during pickup and transportation of large sums of money
  • Personal protection requiring a "body guard"

Special Event

  • Uniformed security personnel for compliance
  • Provide general safety
  • Assist with insurance liability
  • State and Local alcohol regulations compliance
  • Assist law enforcement


Provide security personnel:

  • Retail businesses
  • Retail business events, seminars, displays
  • Uniformed security personnel to aid in theft prevention
  • Covert security personnel used to identify and apprehend potential violators

Security Mediation

We will assist to mediate during times where a neutral party is needed to oversee a situation that could potentially have conflict.

  • Retrieval or distribution of property
  • Child/Family oversite
  • Transportation of persons (court, health facility, etc)
  • Domestic mediation standby
  • Pending estate surveillance