Our Mission

At SIR Investigations we are committed to providing the highest quality of security and investigative resources available.

We will work diligently with our clients and their legal team to ensure the most professional and quality services available.

We are dedicated to assisting legal teams in the preparation of criminal and civil court proceedings. We are devoted to assisting insurance companies with fraudulent investigations involving but not limited to false workman’s compensation claims, accident investigations, and a variety of other false insurance claims.

Our Assurance

At SIR Investigations we guarantee the assurance that our clients receive the quality of service they have paid for. As such, we provide the following detailed reports to our clients:

  • Documentation of statements that may have been made when serving a variety of court orders such as subpoenas, summons or other related documents
  • Detailed written reports documenting the activity of the investigator
  • Detailed written reports involving investigations
  • Detailed written reports involving interviews of all types
  • Mileage and expense report

Staff Qualifications

Our staff consists primarily of retired, full-time, or part-time police officers with a combined service exceeding 200 years specializing in a large variety of police investigative services.

Our staff also consists of highly trained and educated personnel in specialized fields ranging from sophisticated computer crimes to minor crimes and photography.

Many of our staff members are highly trained and very qualified in physical and personal defense techniques. All employees are approved and/or licensed by IL Dept. of Financial & Professional Regulations.

License Information

Illinois Private Detective License: 117.001667 and 115.002364
Illinois Private Security Contractor: 122.001284 and 119.001406

SIR Investigations is a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers