Process Serving

The team at Security and Investigative Resources are specialists in delivering any and all sensitive court-ordered or related documentation. This type of material takes a top priority when it comes to timeliness and responsibility that it is delivered to whom it is intended. Our expedited services can assure you and/or any associated party will receive documentation in a timely manner. Documents such as subpoenas, court summons, and eviction notices are common scenarios when professional process serving services are needed. There are also cases when personal or company property may need to be returned to the rightful owner or party requiring a process server. Contact us for any and all other delivery needs of sensitive or urgent materials.


A written document that requires an individual to appear in court as a witness. This does not mean you have done anything wrong, but you may possess sensitive or important information needed by the court.


We have authority to deliver a written notification, warning or citation to an individual who must appear in court and all other information that may be crucial to them in order to not be in contempt of court.

Eviction notices

In situations where a tenant has failed to pay rent and information between tenant and landlord needs to be delivered by a neutral party.

Property Returns

Assistance in peaceful return or acquisition of personal and/or company property to the rightful owner or party.