Our staff is highly trained in a variety of surveillance techniques. We have resources to provide contractors and companies for any surveillance needs. Protecting property and assets is vital in efforts to enforce loss prevention measures, document suspicious behavior, monitor criminal activity and all other forms of threats you or your business may face.



  • Personal — The surveillance of an individual, identified person for a specific reason to be investigated or monitored.

  • Electronic — The process of monitoring a home, business or individual using a variety of devices such as cameras, digital video equipment and other electronic devices to capture video and/or audio evidence.

  • Photography — Ground or aerial photography for use in detection of trespass or other infractions of the law.

  • Video — We can help consult installation of video surveillance equipment for residential, commercial and retail environments in efforts to minimize theft, false claims, employee misconduct, etc. Also, we provide video review to help identify a suspect with help of local law enforcement.

  • Covert and Overt — Tactics to gather information on a person or group to investigate domestic crime, workplace crime, insurance fraud and other illegal activities.

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