Security & Investigation Consultation


SIR Investigations LLC is a company that comprises predominantly of full-time, part-time or retired police officers from Federal, State, County, City and the U.S. Military. Some of our personnel have Top Security clearances and bring forth a great deal of experience in a large variety of fields.

Our consulting team his highly qualified and specialize in:

  • Active Shooter situations
  • How to prevent active shooter occurrences
  • Crime Prevention at businesses and homes
  • Placement of Cameras, electronic key codes and other security measures for all types of businesses ranging from small one room businesses to large retail, wholesale and storage locations
  • We assist law enforcement, law firms, families, businesses, factories and other companies in prevention of:
    1. Violence in the Work Place
    2. Special security measures in the event of threats of violence
    3. How to prevent Violence in the Work Place
    4. Domestic Violence
    5. Spousal Abuse
    6. Child Abuse
    7. Elderly Abuse



205 South 1st
Fairfield, IL 62837
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