Security and Investigative Resources
"SIR Investigations LLC"
Illinois Private Detective License:   117.001667 and 115.002364
Illinois Private Security Contractor: 122.001284 and 119.001406

205 South 1st
Fairfield, IL 62837

Phone: 618 847-7474


To ensure our clients receive the highest quality of security and investigative services available. We strive to solve every task we are confronted with from the most complex to the simplest.

Our success is based on our diligence to succeed and the continuance of building on our culture of excellence. We strive for perfection and continue to improve ourselves by attending a variety of training courses.

We strongly believe our success is based on experience, education and the continuance of proper in-service training. We have a vast amount of resources and staff available. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals that specialize in a large variety of investigative areas of experience.